Jeigh Lynn has always excelled with communicating. She said her first words at six months of age. By the time she was a year, she was talking in complete sentences and, as most of her family and friends will tell you, she hasn’t shut up since. After becoming an accomplished motor mouth, Jeigh set about mastering other communication skills including art and dance.

In college, where she majored in art, she worked as a dance instructor and did graphic work on the side. The love of expression in dance landed her a career, where she danced and preformed for over twenty-five years. After marriage and the birth of her children, Jeigh decided to try her hand at yet another form of communication: writing.

To date, Jeigh has several novels and a handful of novellas to her credit. She lives in Texas, where she was born and raised, with her real life hero and their two rowdy sons. When she’s not fetching Kool-Aid and swapping out video games, she can usually be found enjoying the decadence of chocolate, in between writing and reading.