A New Moon

#3 in the Moon Series

Brent thought he’d go mad when his mate left him. It’s been a long, difficult journey, but he’s finally accepted he’ll never have his woman or a family, and he’s rebuilt his life. Then Rhett enters his world again.

Rhett McCoy’s in big trouble, and only one man can save her — the mate she loved and left. She has no choice but to beg Brent for help — even though she knows she’s putting both of their lives at risk.

Searing passion is only part of the dangerous package that comes with Rhett’s return. Assassins are stalking werewolves, and a human mate is a liability that could cost Brent his life. Can a human and a werewolf survive long enough to rebuild their trust? Maybe a new moon will bring them new hope.

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Michael shook his head and continued to fiddle with the computer in Brent’s car. “This is so cool, I want a computer in my truck. Maybe a radio like yours, too.”

“What in the world would you do with a police radio in your truck?”

“Play with it.”

Brent laughed. The thought of Michael having a radio in his car was one thing, but the computer? That was downright scary. The man would be causing traffic accidents left and right because he was too busy fiddling with the thing.

“You know you didn’t have to come with me, I could have just gotten the bottle of Jack Daniels and come right back.”

“Nah, I needed to get away for a bit. Shit, how long have we been there?”

Brent checked his watch, then pulled into his driveway. “Since noon or thereabouts, so around three hours.” Brent cut the engine. “You coming in or you wanna wait here?”

Michael opened the passenger door, “I’ll come in.”

Brent got out and stopped dead in his tracks. He smelled blood, but it wasn’t just blood, there was something else about it… Need slammed into him, hardening his cock and blurring his vision, threatening to make his eyes shift. He blinked, shaking his head. What the fuck?!

Michael stopped, too. “Do you smell that?”

He nodded and looked around quickly. “Yeah.”

Michael lifted his face in the air sniffing. “I smell wolf, too.”

So did Brent. And fear; it saturated the air and was coming from the area around his front door. There were bushes right near his entrance. Someone could very well be hiding in them. He reached for his gun. Damn! It was in the trunk. He glanced at Michael, holding up a finger.

Michael nodded and started across the yard to check out the shrubs from the opposite side as Brent. He stopped and waited about four yards from the greenery.

Brent went back to his car and got his pistol, then shut the driver’s side door, creeping closer to the bushes, and damn if his gums didn’t start itching again. What the hell? Michael didn’t seem to be having the same difficulties.

Michael rounded the side of the plants. A growl sounded and he jumped back, holding his arms up in a I’m-no-threat gesture, then flicked a shocked glance at Brent.

Puzzled, Brent got close to the front door and saw a gun muzzle sticking out of the bushes before he stared into a pair of green eyes that were very familiar. He examined the face quickly, taking in the features. Young, maybe sixteen or seventeen, black hair.

“Brent Hernandez?” the teenager asked.

Brent held his gun trained on the boy, who reeked of fear. He also noticed the youth was trembling. In normal circumstances, he would have never admitted who he was on the possibility someone he’d arrested was looking for revenge, but combining the scent of blood, the boy’s obvious fright and Michael’s clear surprise at whatever he’d seen, he found himself answering. “Yes, I’m Brent.”

Michael gasped as the low growling was repeated.

“What is it, Michael?” Brent didn’t take his gaze off the kid. From the corner of his eye, he saw the other man moving closer to the bushes again. The growl got louder.

“Kid, you gotta call the wolf off so we can help you. I’m Michael McCoy, and she’s my daughter.”

What the fuck was Michael talking about?! Brent moved closer, still holding his gun at the ready.

The weapon that was sticking out of the bushes lowered. “Tate! Come here! They’re going to help us.”

He bent down and moved aside the branches that were obscuring his vision — and came face to face with a gray-eyed black wolf.

The wolf licked his face, whimpered, and quickly got out of the way.

The teen was cradling a bloody and unconscious woman, his free hand pressed hard against some injury.


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