A Lover’s Moon

#2 in the Moon Series

People overhear all sorts of things. “Your baby isn’t human,” and “It’s scheduled for termination” aren’t usually among them.

A lesser woman might give up without a fight, but Katherine Andrew isn’t a lesser woman. She survived being left by her baby’s father, and she’ll survive this. She and her unborn child. But even a determined, strong woman can’t fight a werewolf termination league by herself, and that means she’ll need help…from the one man she hoped she’d never see again. The only man she ever loved.

Adrian Garrett has everything he could want, iron clad control of his emotions and instincts, a great job as a neurosurgeon, a wonderful family, a prestigious position in his pack…everything but his mate. After letting his personal hang-ups get the better of him and breaking up with his mate, Adrian is looking for the right opportunity to get her back. That opportunity comes knocking in the shape of a troubled Kat on his cousin’s doorstep. Now all he has to do is stop whoever is after her, gain back her trust and figure out a way to tell her he’s a werewolf.

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“We’re going to have to destroy that baby, but first I want to know who the father is.”

A soft feminine voice gasped. “But, Doctor, what are you going to tell Miss Andrews? You can’t tell her that her baby and its father aren’t human! She’ll think you’re crazy. What if she doesn’t agree to an abortion?”

“We’ll tell her something is wrong with it — after we find out who the father is.”

Kat stopped in the middle of putting her pants back on as the whispered words sank in. She slapped her hand over her mouth and sat down on the chair provided in the examining room. Abortion?

Quickly, she got back up and finished dressing; she had to get out of this office! What was the proper protocol when one discovered one’s OB/GYN was a whacko? Shouldn’t she report him to some kind of medical board or something?

Kat blinked back tears and shook her head, her auburn ponytail swaying slightly. Lovingly, and a little bit in awe, she put her hand on her still-flat stomach and smiled. She was only fourteen weeks along, but already she loved her baby, and no one was going to take it from her.

Unsure what to do, Kat plastered a smile on her face, picked up her purse, and walked out of the examining room, pretending everything was normal — and that she hadn’t overheard the ramblings of that madman. She wouldn’t be coming back, but wasn’t going to divulge that information today. First, she had to get ahold of Alex and find out to whom she could report psycho doctors.

Kat kept her head down, trying to look inconspicuous and sneak out of the office. She got to the edge of the nurse’s station, when someone cleared their throat. Darn it!

“Ah, Miss Andrews, I was just looking over your chart and noticed you hadn’t listed the name of your baby’s father.”

Kat’s head snapped up, and she turned slowly toward the nurse. “No, I didn’t.” Kat clutched her purse tighter against her chest, her heart pounding.

“We really do need that, you know. It’s always best to have the father’s family medical history. That way we can anticipate any problems that may arise. If you don’t wish to contact him yourself, we can do that for you.” She drew out a pen and picked up a pad of paper in front of her, looking rather anxious. “Now, what is his name, Miss Andrews?”

Kat took a deep breath; her palms were sweating. She did not have to answer, and she was not required by law to list a father on any information — even the birth certificate. She really wanted to get out of this office. The longer she stayed, the more creeped out she became; these people were certifiable. She hated to lie, even to people who deserved to be lied to — and this lie was going to make her sound horrible, make her sound just like her mother — but she had no choice; the nurse was only going to continue to pester her.

“I don’t know his name. I don’t even know him. I met him in a bar. It was a one-night stand, and I’ve no idea how to get ahold of him.” There! That left no room for argument. Jess would be proud.

The nurse shook her head. “Now, Miss Andrews, you just don’t strike me as the type. I can’t possibly believe you’d have a casual fling.” She tapped the pen on the pad for emphasis and leveled a glare at Kat. “We really need that name.”

Kat felt as if the breath was punched out of her. What the heck was she supposed to say now? She didn’t say a word; she did the only thing she could think of. Spinning on her heels, she marched right out of the office. She’d reached the parking lot before she heard the office door slam open and gravel crunching behind her.

“Miss Andrews!”

She glanced over her shoulder at the nurse running after her, then frantically dug into her purse for her keys. Quickening her pace, Kat got to her car, jammed the key in the lock, and jerked the door open before the woman caught up with her. By the time she was seated inside with her door locked, the nurse was pounding on her window. “Miss Andrews, open up. We need to talk about this!”

Somehow, her trembling fingers got the ignition going. Without looking at the furious woman beating on her car window, she backed out of the parking space and put her car in gear. As she pulled onto the street, she caught a glimpse in her rearview mirror of her doctor running out of the office, shouting something.

Kat was shaken up. The first thought that entered her head was: There is safety in numbers … which scared her even more. Her heart was beating so hard she could actually hear it. The fingers clutching the steering wheel were white-knuckled, and she was trembling. She needed to get someplace and calm down; her agitated state couldn’t possibly be good for the baby.

She didn’t know what to do. Jess and Alex were out of town on their honeymoon, the studio she owned with Jess was closed for the summer, and her grandparents had moved to a retirement community three hours away. So much for safety in numbers.

She should call Jess; she’d know what to do. Kat reached into the passenger seat for her cell phone and remembered that she’d forgotten to charge it again. The battery was deader than a doornail. Great! Just great!

Kat took a deep breath and calmed her breathing. Getting even more worked up wasn’t going to help things. She didn’t want to be alone, but she couldn’t think of any other options.

After driving around for twenty minutes thinking, she finally decided to go home. She’d call Jess and Alex and tell them what happened; they’d help her figure out what to do.

The apartment complex was nothing special, but it was home, at least for now. Alex and Jess had offered to let her rent a guestroom in their house after the baby was born, and she was seriously considering it.

Pulling into the reserved space in front of her apartment, Kat turned off the ignition. She was about to open the door when a movement to her left caught her eye. She glanced up just in time to see her doctor getting out of the passenger side of a black SUV.

Kat wasted no time. Her fight-or-flight instinct kicked in. She didn’t even waste the time to panic. She turned the car back on and squealed tires backing out of her space. Shifting into drive, she floored it. The back of her little white Toyota Corolla fishtailed as she hit the access road. Throughout her panicked flight, she occasionally looked in her mirrors, trying to spot the SUV, but to her relief she’d seen nothing so far. She got on the highway and headed for the only place that came to mind — Brent’s house.

Brent was Alex’s cousin and a cop. It was almost five o’clock; she hoped Brent was home. He’d help her figure out what the heck was going on and protect her, too.

Twenty minutes later, the sun was setting when she got off the highway. At the red light, she was the first in line. She looked back in her mirror again for about the fiftieth time; about ten cars behind her was the black SUV. She nearly screamed in terror. She looked both ways and, as soon as she got the chance, she stomped on the gas, running the red light and leaving the sound of several angry horns behind.

She turned onto Brent’s street, praying someone would be home. She knew the house had a two-car garage; hopefully she’d bought herself enough time running that light to get her car hidden safely inside. She pulled into the driveway and noticed the porch light was on. She jumped out, leaving the door open and engine running. She sprinted to the front door, shouting as she went. “Brent! Brent!”

As her fists hit the door, it flew open. She fell right into the arms of the one man she never wanted to see again.

Kat froze. She didn’t even have to look; she knew it was him. Her body always knew when he was around. What was he doing here?


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