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All Hallows’ Moon

As a fourth year medical school student, Jill Parker doesn’t have a lot of time between studying and keeping her grades up, never mind romance. But when she agrees to go to her best friend’s Halloween party, she's in for the night of her life. A simple drive ends with a crash into a wolf— but not just any wolf. Dash is a werewolf and an outrageous playboy. He also swears he's Jill's destiny. 

Yeah, right!

Dash knows Jill is his mate. He can sense it, scent it. He wants her like he's never wanted anyone before, but Jill’s not convinced. He's got to make her see the truth, but they only have one night together before they both have to go back to their hectic schedules. It's not enough; he needs more. He needs time to convince Jill he’s not the player she thinks he is…

What's a wolf to do?

50 pages

Second Edition 

June, 24 2019 

Erotic Romance

Moon Series: Book 1

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Latin Moon

The salsa of life just got spicier…

When dance instructor Jessica Ingram wakes after a serious accident, she starts seeing her fiancé, Alex, and his family in a different light. She can’t really be seeing his eyes change colors…can she? Throw in a threatening phone call and a kidnapping attempt, and she’s starting to wonder if she really knows everything there is to know about her sexy doctor man.

How hectic can life be? Dr. Alex Hernandez is about to find out. He’s got a secret. A big one. And it’s getting harder and harder to hide. Between medicine, a missing man, an insubordinate Beta, his fiancée to protect from a radical group of werewolf hunters – and keeping her from finding out he is a werewolf, Alex has got his hands full.

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A Lover’s Moon

People overhear all sorts of things. “Your baby isn’t human,” and “It’s scheduled for termination” aren’t usually among them.

A lesser woman might give up without a fight, but Katherine Andrew isn’t a lesser woman. She survived being left by her baby’s father and she’ll survive this. But even a determined, strong woman can’t fight a werewolf termination league by herself, and that means she’ll need help…from the one man she hoped she’d never see again. The only man she ever loved.

Adrian Garrett has everything he could want, iron clad control of his emotions and instincts, a great job as a neurosurgeon, a wonderful family, a prestigious position in his pack…everything but his mate. After letting his personal hang-ups get the better of him and breaking up with his mate, Adrian is looking for the right opportunity to get her back. Now all he has to do is stop whoever is after her, gain back her trust and figure out a way to tell her he’s a werewolf.

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A New Moon

Brent thought he’d go mad when his mate left him. It's been a long, difficult journey, but he’s finally accepted he’ll never have his woman or a family, and he’s rebuilt his life. Then Rhett enters his world again.

Rhett McCoy’s in big trouble, and only one man can save her -- the mate she loved and left. She has no choice but to beg Brent for help -- even though she knows she's putting both of their lives at risk.

Searing passion is only part of the dangerous package that comes with Rhett's return. Assassins are stalking werewolves, and a human mate is a liability that could cost Brent his life. Can a human and a werewolf survive long enough to rebuild their trust? Maybe a new moon will bring them new hope.

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Life, Love, and the Moon:

A Moon Series Prequeal

Sarah Garrett finds not just one but two perfect men and even knowing the relationship will be publicly viewed as immoral and that she’ll probably be disowned, she’s determined to have them…both.

Emilio Hernandez has always known that Michael McCoy was his mate, but he never dreamed he could have a romantic relationship with Michael until Sarah came along. Sarah offers him not just her love both a chance to be with his mate as well.

When he was young, Michael McCoy was disowned by his parents and nearly separated from his mate, when he was caught kissing him. Since then he’s maintained it was better to have Emilio as his best friend and constant companion than to be lover and risk being separated and shunned.

Sarah and Emilio will have their work cut out for them to convince Michael the three of them are meant to be together.

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