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I know it’s been awhile, but finally Adventures of Soul has been rereleased.  It’s been fully re-edited and has a brand new epilogue.

Adventures of The Soul: Search for the Sun God

aospipWorking as a wedding coordinator? Bah humbug. Psy has worked along side her husband, Cue, in the love biz for millennia.  She’s finally had enough. No more Bridezillas and hated white cakes, she’s ready for some excitement.

Too bad she forgot to be careful about what she wished for.

Apollo has gone missing and, according to her devious in-laws, finding him is Psy’s job. With the help of her sexy husband, her irresponsible son, her wacky secretary, an amorous bird, and Zeus’s favorite love slave, that is.

Sheesh. If Psy’s life gets any more exciting, she might just lose her marbles.

                     Available from: Passion in Print    Amazon Kindle

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